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  • Driessen, J. E. P., Vos, D. A. C., Smeets, I., Albers, C. J. (2022). Misleading graphs in context: less misleading than expected. PLoS ONE 17(6): e0265823.
  • Hooykaas, M. J. D., Schilthuizen, M., Albers, C. J., Smeets, I. (2022). Species identification skills predict in-depth knowledge about species. PLoS ONE 17(4): e0266972.
  • Bringmann, L. F., Albers, C. J., Bockting, C., Borsboom, D., Ceulemans, E., Cramer, A., Epskamp, S., Eronen, M. I., Hamaker, E., Kuppens, P., Lutz, W., McNally, R. J., Molenaar, P., Tio, P., Voelke, M. C., Wichers, M. (2022). Psychopathological Networks: Theory, methods and practice. Behaviour Research and Therapy 149:104011.
  • Hoorelbeke, K., Van den Bergh, N., De Raedt, R., Wichers, M., Albers, C. J., Koster, E. H. W. (2022). Regaining control of your emotions? Investigating the mechanisms underlying effects of cognitive control training for remitted depressed patients. Emotion Accepted for publication.
  • Berends, M. S., Luz, C. F., Friedrich, A. W., Singha, B. N. M., Albers, C. J., Glasner, C. (2022). AMR - an R package for working with antimicrobial resistance data. Journal of Statistical Software Accepted for publication.

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On my website I list my publications. Hugo Academic has a feature for this, but I’m not too keen on that feature. It is quite time …

In September 2019, I’ve launched my new website. I’d written the old one in HTML, PHP and MySQL. I liked it, but …



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On 29th March 2019, I held my inaugural lecture (in Dutch). Click here for the text of my oratie.

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